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Perfect Handyman multiple jobs exemple:

Heather contacted us to have lot of numerous jobs completed, new counter top installation, furniture assembling, new fixtures in the bathroom, screen door to install, a bit of painting and finishing up some stairs.

Review from: Heather

   Rated (5 / 5)


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17feet high walls entrance repainting

Sandra contacted us to have her entrance repaired and repainted. The challenge was the heigh obviously, but we manage to repair that cracked corner and repainting the whole entrance and the connected upstair hallway. Everything was done in 4 days.

Review from: Sandra

   Rated (5 / 5)


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Full house renovation

This is THE project I'm most proud of. It was a huge success. The owner wanted to completely redesign the kitchen and the upper bathroom, install new flooring everywhere and repaint each room. The project was completed on time and on budget, and most importantly the property turn out even better than expected.

Full Basement

One of the projects I'm most proud of. It was a huge success. Mike & Diana wanted to finish their basement, we worked together to fit their budget. From start to finish, it was fun to add both function and style, making this property even more beautiful.

Review from: Mike

   Rated (5 / 5)


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Shed, Sod and deck staining

A job done correctly. Melissa hired me to redo completely her backyard and adding a shed for her garden supplies. Check out the end result by yourself!

Extending driveway + Landscape

Clark & Mary wanted to use their surplus of stone by extending their driveway. The job was no easy feat. In the meantime they asked me to do some weeds removal and redo a little bit of their landscape.

Before After

Here are some projects. They all were successful for my customers. Various challenges from making widespread changes to the space while simultaneously focusing on the finer, more precise details of the renovation. From start to finish, they all were fun to add both function and style, making these properties even more beautiful.

Pergola to weather-seal

Doug contacted us to weather-seal is beautiful pergola. They were a lot of small trusses but the job was performed in less than 24h. 

Review from: Doug

   Rated (5 / 5)


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